Elect Candidates With Democratic Values


Political Change Through Massive Action

Electing On Issues Not Personalities

They Will Give Us Nothing

We have to fight for every inch of ground we win. Our opponent has no limits, no compassion, no rules, and no honor. We can no longer work within established political norms for liberals.


``We the People`` are tasked with protecting our democracy from power-grabs and abuses of power. We cannot rely on the Senate and the Justice Department to reign in the President.


The cult-of-personality problem fracturing the Left is a threat to election wins that must be supplanted by ``the issues`` to disassociate ``the issues`` from the people representing them.


The Trump campaign and his surrogates are actively trying to divide Democratic voters with a full-fledged misinformation campaign designed to pit progressives and moderate liberals against each other.

Cultivating Leaders To Navigate
A Divided Path Forward.

Today the deepening divide between red states and blue states may perhaps be irreversible. The rhetoric from the right is so extreme that it may be impossible to reverse their beliefs in our lifetimes. Therefore we must train a new generation of leaders to campaign, govern, and protect democracy without the aid of Republicans or the expectation that they will live up to their duty.

Crime Pays
Is The GOP Message


Trump and the GOP have eluded responsibility for the lawless activity they have engaged in during his campaign, during his Presidential term, and after the insurrection of January 6th. Aided by the OLC’s memos on presidential immunity, the use of pardons, the abdication of oversight by the Republican House and Senate members, and a willingness by ex DOJ head William Barr to run Trump’s political errands, the message sent then and now is loud and clear; you can commit crimes and get away with it, as long as Republicans are in power.

Republican Cruelty Knows No Bounds

They are actively dismantling The Affordable Care Act, passing uber-restrictive voting laws, gerrymandering away your effective right to vote, and removing millions of Americans off of voter rolls. On top of all these efforts, they are again coming after women by making anti-abortion laws that can only be described as draconian.

Join The Fight

Seventeen million Americans were purged from voter rolls between 2016 and 2018—that's almost four million more than were purged between the years 2006 and 2008. If they can't beat us, they cheat us.


Bipartisanship died with the Republicans. Now it’s winner takes all.

Republicans are out of the majority but continue to dismantle our Democracy piece by piece. Scroll over or press on each state to see who must win in 2022 to secure a Democratic victory in the Senate and the House.


Mitch McConnell Is
A Cancer To The Senate

The self-described Grim Reaper of the Senate that held over 332 bills from reaching the floor for a vote. He made rules for Trump's impeachment hearing to proceed with no witnesses or documentary evidence. He has been the enabler of Trumpism. Mitch McConnell was named “Moscow Mitch” for refusing to allow voting on bipartisan legislation that passed the House to shore-up America’s elections from foreign manipulation by governments such as Russia.

Democracy In Crisis

With the myriad of attacks against the most basic democratic principles and institutions that hold our country together, the question is: what can I do to help?


To abandon facts is to abandon freedom. If Nothing is true, then no one can criticize power. Trump always claims everything is fake to undermine belief in the truth.


Stand-up for an institution you care about and vocally defend it every chance you have online and off-line. Take the side of a newspaper, the courts, a non-profit like Planned Parenthood or a democratic organization.


Many groups could use your help in their efforts to defend the very basic tenets of democracy. If you are not afraid of Republicans and willing to get in the trenches, the Democratic Frontline welcomes you as a recruit.

There’s More Of Us Than Them-Act Like It!

we are ready for change